GRC Post Fix Dressings

By Abbey Artstone Ltd.

Here at Abbey Stone Products among creating our bespoke products we have spent time developing a range of lightweight grc products for the housbuilding market. These among others include lightweight parapet and gable copings, entrance porticos and door surrounds. We have also developed a range of products to replace other everyday building items such as head, cills, corbels and string course.

Lightweight Post Fix Window SurroundThe products have been developed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Manufactured from 12mm GRC they are strong but very lightweight they are designed to be fixed either during build or in some cases after the building is complete.

We have produced a wide range of post fix architectural dressings for use on your project these include

  • Full Lightweight post fix window surrounds
  • Jambs, Cills, Heads and Millions
  • Lightweight Cornice
  • String Course
  • Plinth and Strecher Courses
  • Quoiins and Ashlar Cladding
  • Arched Features
  • Door Surrounds
  • Copings

Our products are very well suited to insulated render building systems where there is no external leaf or where you wish to enhance the look of a building which is already complete.