GRC Porticos

By Abbey Artstone Ltd.

Abbey Artstone Limited has a range of lightweight products for the construction industry which has been extended to include our beautiful range of portico’s.

Our range of portico’s includes two beam designs in two different heights combined with three layout arrangements.  Added to this are four different columns with two different column to beam details, giving you a possible 96 different combinations and looks of portico to suit your needs.

The portico’s are cast in a mere six units making it achievable to erect a GRC portico in as little as 1 – 2 days, which saves considerable time in comparison to standard precast portico construction.

All our portico’s are designed by professional engineers with numerous years of GRC experience and as such are backed by a certificate of quality assurance ISO 9000 and are manufactured in accordance with the Glass Reinforced Cement Associations approved manufacturer scheme.

GRC portico

Any portico ordered comes complete with all the fixings which are required for construction and full detailed drawings showing the general arrangement, individual unit drawings and positions for fixings.  You will also be provided with a full method statement for fixing the units and our technical team in the office backs this up to ensure your portico installation goes as smoothly as is possible.

Advantages of GRC over precast Portico’s

  • Post fix design reducing the amount of damage which can occur prior to the structure completion.
  • Ultra thin and lightweight units reduce labour and mechanical lifting in both time and cost.
  • Very little demand on the structure to which it is attached.
  • Hidden fixing system.
  • High resistance to water absorption.
  • Weathering occurs almost the same as any precast stone on your structure keeping the building constant over time.
  • Low maintenance with no UV light deterioration
  • Lightweight steel support system used, eliminating heavy section steel required to support precast
  • Integral pre-finished soffit. No other trades required to come back and finish after construction
  • Pre-finished lead coloured GRP roof, fully waterproof, No requirements for lead or asphalt to be laid
  • Typical method of construction for two/three men is 1 to 2 Days
  • Can be used in refurbishment projects
  • Construction method is generally not weather dependent
  • Design puts very little load on main structure

We have a wide range of beam and column combinations to suit all designs, however, we can also manufacture to customers specific designs, although careful thought should be given to pattern and mould establishment costs and utilisation of them by ensuring you make full use of quantity where possible.