GRC Door Surrounds

By Abbey Artstone Ltd.

GRC Lightweight Door Surround

Abbey Artstone Limited has a range of lightweight products which are designed for the construction industry and is the only range of post fix lightweight GRC door surrounds.

With our range of GRC door surrounds you have an alternative to traditional precast or GRP door surrounds.

Our surrounds are ultra thin and lightweight, which reduces labour and mechanical lifting.  There is also consequently very little load on the structure to which it is attached.

It has a hidden fixing system with this post fix design system. Weathering of the GRC units occurs almost the same as any precast stone keeping the building constant over time.

Why chose GRC over precast door surrounds? precast units require…

  • Heavy units that require mechanical lifting.
  • Units are prone to suffering from damage by subcontractors entering the building whilst in construction.
  • Extremely difficult to repair or replace when damaged.
  • High maintenance cost over a period of time.

Why chose GRC  over  GRP door surrounds. GRP creates…

  • A false plastic look which decreases the overall look of the property.
  • Conspicuous fixings which are visible on the face of the product.
  • Weathers differently in comparison to precast or GRC products.
  • Deteriorates under UV light and is difficult to repair when damaged.

GRC Lightweight Door Surround

We have a wide range of head and jamb combinations to suit all designs, but we can also manufacture to customers specific designs, although careful thought should be given to pattern and mould establishment costs and utilisation of materials by ensuring you make full use of quantity where possible.

Abbey Artstone Limited door surrounds are available in a wide range of colours to suit any project and to match our precast and wet cast stone materials.

With over 200 special colours available to order. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.