Lightweight GRC Copings

By Abbey Artstone Ltd

Abbey Artstone Limited have designed and developed a lightweight, cost effective GRC coping solution, as a problem solving alternative to the traditional precast coping systems commonly used. In conjunction with our structural engineers we have spent the prior six months developing and manufacturing the coping system. All parties involved were exceedingly happy with the finished product and looked forward to using the system on future build projects.

GRC Coping

With several thousand metres of grc copings already supplied to the city of Edinburgh and many thousand more metres various developments throughout the UK these GRC copings are fast becoming standard for many housing projects. Listed below are the most commonly experienced problems with precast copings that we discovered during our research.

  • Fixings for precast copings were difficult to install and labour intensive. highlighted that on occasions fixings where even NOT being used at all.
  • Damages to the products were occurring prior to installation due to the problems the weight produced with handling the items.
  • Damp proof courses were not being installed properly when coping courses vice versa copings could not be fitted properly onto damp proof courses.
  • Water leakage could occur through shrinkage of the mortar joints.

T Unit

Key advantages to using our GRC coping system

  • Weight reduction of between 70 and 80 percent. Saving on labour fixings and installation time.
  • Less weight imposed on your structure making it ideal for timer frame construction
  • Less weight means larger pieces, larger pieces means shorter fitting times, Shorter fittings times mean you save money.
  • Mastic sealants to the joints rather than traditional mortar provide a watertight seal eliminating the possibility of water ingress.
  • The dense matrick and strength of grc makes it a very suited durable products for high exposed situations such as copings.


Weight comparison

    • Cast stone Coping : 600x350x125mm weight 55kg each (91kg per linear metre)
    • GRC Coping : 1500x365x140mm weight 29kg each (19.30kg per limiear metre)

Thats a weight saving of over 78%
Also if you look at the lengths our grc units are typically cast in 1500 and 1000mm lengths which also saves the quantity of peices that are required to fit on site.