Semi Dry Architectural Masonry Products

Semi dry is perhaps the most commonly used cast stone in the house building industry as a cost effective alternative to natural stone. It is a versatile product used for many products which includes (but is not limited to) Window surrounds, copings and pier caps, ballustrade, bulls eye windows, quoins, corbels, ashlar blocks, vents, datestones,keystones and much more. The majority of our products are bespoke but we have a standard range of components which we also produce.

It is a non structural product designed for decorative use only and is cast using a two part system, The facing colour and a backing fill material. The material has a density of typically between 1850-2100kg/m2 at 28 days and complies with the relevant British Standards BS 1217:1997, BS 5642:1983, BS 6457:1984. It is available in a standard range of colours however we can using different combinations of cements and dyes acheive an almost infinate colour variation to suit your needs.

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