Our Product Ranges

Semi Dry Wet Cast GRC GRP
Semi Dry Cast Stone Wet Cast Structural Glass Reinforced Concrete Glass Reinforced Plastic

Semi dry is perhaps the most commonly used cast stone in the house building industry as a cost effective alternative to natural stone. It is a versatile product used for many products which includes (but is not limited to) Window surrounds, copings and pier caps, ballustrade, bulls eye windows, quoins, corbels, ashlar blocks, vents, datestones,keystones and much more. The majority of our products are bespoke but we have a standard range of components which we also produce.

Wetcast is used in many of the same situations as semi dry however it is able to be both an architectural decorative product and have the ability to be a load bearing structural unit through the use of reinforcment bar and mesh. Due to its loadbearing nature it is used especially for window heads where a steel lintel is not available or on large units such as drivethrough beams, slabs and other similar products.

Glass fibre reinforced cement, generally referred to as G.R.C. is a combination of alkali resistant drawn glass fibre (A.R.G.) and a cement. It can be moulded into a variety of complex shapes to accommodate an immense range of Architectural and Engineering applications, such as wall claddings for multi-stored reinforced concrete or structural steel frames, sound absorption barriers for main roads, flyovers and piping etc. etc. The applications are endless.

A flat grc is approx 20% of the weight of an identicle precast unit.

This product is usually used to replace the timber aspect of external housebuilding work. It can replace products such as dormer windows, copings, window canopies, dovecotes and detailed cornice. Its maintainance free, mechanically fixed and lightweight and can be produced in a massive range of colours to suit your needs.Products such as Dormers can be insulated with foam or encapsulated timber studding which enables the builder to self insulate and fix internal linings.